Knowledge and Competency Assessment

We have developed an on-line Knowledge Assessment Tool called KNASTO. The application assesses knowledge across 25 project management areas. This objective assessment, combined with a self-rating for each knowledge area is a powerful tool when identifying training & development needs.

The output from KNASTO is designed so that individuals and organisations can work with PMProfessional Learning consultants to identify where training is required and the most suitable training & development route to address the specific gaps between current and desired levels of project management knowledge.

A description of the output from the Knasto application can be reviewed in full by reading the Knasto Output and Disclaimers. Alternatively you can run a demonstration on-line.

On the subject of Competency Assessment, we have worked with a wide range of organisations to help develop competency frameworks and have significant capability in helping people to assessment current competence (defined as the exhibition of effective behaviour in a particular situation though the application of knowledge, skills, experience and personal characteristics).