PM Professional


PM Professional is the project and programme management learning & development specialist committed to the development of individual capability as a key to delivering first class results.

We have a record of success in the delivery of corporate learning services. Successful outcomes are achieved because we are able to develop messages which are appealing, practical and focused on your key issues.

All public certification courses can be delivered on a Corporate Learning Services (CLS) basis. Bespoke courses can also be developed around your terminology, documentation, processes, examples and case studies.

CLS training offers a totally flexible package at a level, pace, time and location that suits you. Learning in this environment creates lasting benefit, growing a project management culture from the inside out and providing your people with the skills they need to face the challenges of today’s business environment.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for delivering consistently high quality, successful project and programme management based interventions throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Bespoke Training

Tailoring training material to your company’s specific project management delivery arrangements yields benefits for the individual and the organisation. We have significant collateral which we can use to optimise development timescales and costs. For best results, we propose an initial engagement/ familiarisation phase, where our respective companies can get to know each other and share information about your project delivery mechanisms.

In a training environment, our consultants use multi-chance and accelerated (brain-friendly) learning techniques to cater for all Learning Styles. We use an appropriate combination of tutor led input, self study/ reflection/review, access to reference material, buzz/group discussion, practical examples and syndicate based case study exercises to reinforce key learning points. We always endeavour to ensure that our material and the delivery ‘Tell a Story’ in line with the principles of effective communication.

Embedding Learning

We are passionate about helping you to deliver more successful projects and can help with the achievement of this goal by embedding the learning into your workplace. Work-based projects overseen by key personnel in your organisation or ours, helps to provide guidance/advice on applying new practices. We can also facilitate project surgeries and focus groups to embed new working arrangements as well as mentoring services.

We believe that successful relationship management is built upon understanding your culture, principles, business, strategy, key objectives, and methods/tools. We aim to build relationships with key personnel in your organisation and measure success against mutually defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is all aimed at developing more effective project-based behaviour within your organisation.

Training Evaluation

As a result of our considerable project and programme management training experience, we are able to work closely with you to implement Key Performance Indicators and measurement regimes for development programmes. As part of our comprehensive Training Evaluation service, we can support the measurement of satisfaction from Reaction and Learning to Return on Investment (ROI) levels. We can also support Continuous Improvement initiatives through post training review and audit.

Training Needs Analysis

Project Management training should maximise the benefit to individuals and client organizations. As such, we are able to offer a complete service across the training life cycle.

PM Professional is able to analyse individual skill and knowledge, though comprehensive Training Needs Analysis, to ensure personal and competency skillset requirements are covered through appropriate training delivery and techniques. We are highly skilled in developing training strategies for organisations, adapting modern frameworks to collate, implement and report training needs.

Roadmap Solutions

Over the years, we have found that integrated training solutions deliver more significant benefits to individuals and organisations alike. A structured development path (we call them roadmaps), which allows previous experience/knowledge/skill to be taken into account, means that more cost effective development can be undertaken. A roadmap solution also shows how progressive development is achieved, by setting out the future learning paths. Roadmaps can cover project, programme and portfolio management development for the full range of management levels. We have also included project management governance development into roadmap solutions.