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The benefits of joining a PMI chapter

Are you a member of your local PMI chapter? If not, you should know that joining a PMI chapter comes with a host of benefits that can help enhance your project management career and improve your skillsets. Membership isn’t cheap, but often, the benefits that PMI chapter offer far outweigh the cost.

Make sure to look for local PMI chapters in your area.


PMI membership will often entitle to sizable discounts on things like training courses, workshops and even your PMP® final exam. Your local chapter can help negotiate discounts on your behalf.

A little-known fact is the discount membership grants on the PMP® certification exam will save you a good bit of money, far more than the cost of membership!


Many chapters offer members-only training courses. These courses may take the form of short classes or week-long workshops.

In either case, PMI chapter members stand a far better chance of passing their final exam with the help of their local PMI chapter. It’s also a great way to join study groups or solicit advice from veteran project managers.

More and more chapters are offering online alternatives for those who can’t attend these events in person. Membership will give you access to webinars held by very knowledge and experience veterans of the industry.

Many of the speakers invited by PMI chapters hold their own conferences in conjunction with universities and businesses.


It’s hard to overstate the benefit of growing your personal network with like-minded, hard-working project management professionals.

PMI chapter members can not only help you prepare for your final exams, they can offer career advice and aid in your job search.

Attending monthly meetings and chatting with attendees can really help you get the ‘lay of the land.’ Never be afraid to ask for advice when trying to define your career goals, or look for the next step in your career, many PMP® veterans attend these social gatherings with the express intent of helping those new to the project management industry.


If you’re looking to get attain your PMP® certification or other PMI credential, you’ll already be familiar with the concept of professional development units (PDU’s).

PMI chapters can help you get PDU’s through the events they hold. Almost everything you do within your PMI chapter counts to ward your PDU goal, among it easier than ever to maintain your PMI qualifications.